Safari planning


For wildlife tours in Madhya Pradesh, proper planning, in far advance is must. When we say far advance planning then it means we should start planning 5-6 months in advance and finalize everything till 150 day in advance. Initially we have to decide which destination/s to visit. On studying pros and cons of each destination, we will be able to decide our destination. The decide travel month, duration etc. Once this is decided check for permits availability, before finding out hotels. As per permits availability we can choose our exact travel dates and then decide for hotel and other services.  All these analysis needs time thus advance planning will give us proper duration to check all these things and proceed further for booking. Advance planning will enable your travel partners i.e. hotels, safari agents, cab operators to make arrangements as per our plan. Delay in tour planning will result into compromises on jungle safaris which is most important part of safari holiday or photography trips. 

Safari Destinations

Madhya Pradesh state is blessed with many safari destinations and more will be added soon. Here we have listed some of the most popular safari destinations, visited by tourists from different counteries. These destinations are in bucket list of wildlife photographers. In below given table, we have tried to arrange tabular information which will help tourists in drawing there plan. Just go through below given table to find out safari destinations where you can find your targetted animals and visit these destinations accordingly.

National Parks Popular Safari Season Best 5 Attractions Accommodation Options When to Plan
Bandhavgarh Jan to June Tiger, leopard, sambar, sloth bear, wild elephants Luxury, deluxe, standard, budget, home-stays  6-months in advance
Kanha National Park Nov to June Barasingha, tiger, leopard, Indian gaur, sloth bear Luxury, deluxe, standard, budget, home-stays  6-months in advance
Kuno National Park Oct to May Spotted deer, Cheetah, nilgai, leopard, striped hyena Standard 2-months in advance
Madhav National Park Oct to May Spotted deer, chinkara, leopard, marsh crocodile, wild dog (dholes) Standard 1-month in advance
Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary Oct to May Tiger, leopard, Indian wolf, chinkara, black buck Budget 15-days in advance
Panna National Park Oct to June Tiger, leopard, sambar, sloth bear, striped hyena Luxury, deluxe, standard, budget, home-stays  2-months in advance
Pench National Park Oct to June Tiger, leopard, sambar, sloth bear, Indian gaur, wild dogs (dhole) Luxury, deluxe, standard, budget, home-stays  5-months in advance
Sanjay Dubri National Park Dec to June Tiger, leopard, sambar, spotted deer, sloth bear Standard, budget, home-stay 3-months in advance
Satpura National Park Nov to May Leopard, sloth bear, tiger, Indian gaur, black buck, wild dogs (dhole) Luxury, deluxe, standard, budget, home-stays 3-months in advance

Problems of delayed planning & decisions

Wildlife tourism, tiger safari, wildlife photography are highly popular among nature lovers. Due to popular social media sites, people have options to share there work like photography, in public platform and get appreciation and recognition in society. Due to this, far more tourists are moving towards wildlife safari destinations. Those who have alredy been to popular safari destinations, understand the improtance of advance planning and advance bookings thus they plan there next trip in advance. Due to these smart visitors, safari permits of popular tiger reserves gets booked in advance. Those who are planning for first time, often ignores the suggestion of advance booking by taking it lightly or treating suggstion as business trick of travel agent and thus minimizes the chance of a successful safari trip.