Tiger safaris


Tiger safari in India

Indian is the country with highest tiger population in the world. Similarly Madhya Pradesh is the state, in India, with highest tiger population, in compare to any other state of this country. Thus we can say that Madhya Pradesh is the tiger capital of the world. It means it is the state where we can expect best tiger safari experience in the world. If we go through the tiger safari destinations map, in the world, we will find that majority of popular tiger reserves are located in the Madhya Pradesh state of India. When we use the word "Tiger Safari" we means jungle safari drives, dedicated for tiger tracking as supreme objective and on getting the success, enjoy the sighting, capture the moments in your camera to check your wildlife photography skills and later share with others. Destinations like Kanha tiger reserve, Bandhavgarh tiger reserve, Pench tiger reserve, Panna tiger reserve, Satpura tiger reserve are undoubtedly the best tiger safari destinations in the world. They are so much closely linked with each other that we can cover them all without using any flight or train journey, just by a car drive.

Tiger Safari Destinations

At Madhya Pradesh, we can find some popular tiger safari destinations. Here we have tried to prepare list of popular tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh state which can be visited for tiger photography and videography.

Tiger Safari Destinations
Pench National Park Kanha National Park Bandhavgarh Panna National Park
Sanjay Dubri National Park Satpura National Park