Tour Planning


We offer the service of tour planning to our guest. Madhya Pradesh is a vast state with varying landscapes, cultures, historical background. Due to this variation, tourist destinations are also different from each other in terms of tour categories. Like we can find pilgrimage circuit with presence of temples, sacred river banks, hill top temples etc. In forested region, we can experience safari destinations with ample scope for wildlife photography etc. Similarly in Madhya Pradesh, we can study the history from rock painting sites to rock cut caves, temples, forts, palaces and cenotaphs. Due to this huge variations in tourism, we need to plan our tours carefully so that we can attain our travel objectives and make best use of our valuable time & money.

Madhya Pradesh tour planning

Destinations listing

As Madhya Pradesh state have variety of tourist destinations like safari destinations, heritage tourism places, water tourism destinations, pilgrimage destinations, nature tourism places etc. Thus first we have to decide which destinations we would like to cover in our upcoming trip. This will be helpful in arranging the destinations in proper sequence as per distance, arrival and departure convenience, sightseeing timings, closed days etc.

Number of visitors

In this step, we need to decide our total number of visitors for upcoming tour. Visitor count is necessary to estimate the required number of rooms, required number of safari vehicles, deciding vehicle for ground transfers in between destinations etc. Here we need to categorize our total number of visitors in two categories i.e. visitors below 05 years and above 05 years. This categorization is necessary to estimate the number of rooms and extra beds required. Similarly this categorization helps in estimating the number of safari vehicles required for jungle safari drives ( if any).

Arrival & departure point selection

Once our destinations are decided and visitor names are finalized then we need to decide the arrival and departure points. Many time, group member comes from different cities thus some variation in arrival and departure points is possible. Madhya Pradesh have 5 main airports in state for arrival and departure purpose. Other options are cities of neighboring cities like Raipur, Nagpur, Prayagraj etc. Once we will fix our arrival and departure points then we will have a proper sequence of tour destinations.

Tour duration

Once we will have list of places to cover, in a proper sequence then we need to decide our stay at each destination. The stay duration at each destination varies as per our tour objective. Like stay duration of a photographer at a destination is often longer than normal tourists. Similarly those who are visiting any nature tourism destination for relaxation purpose, may stay are few destinations but for longer duration than normal visitor. Thus tour duration

Accommodation selection

Accommodation selection is one of the important part of tour planning in Madhya Pradesh because during tour, we spend about 12 hours of the day at our room in hotel. Thus the place where we are going to spend almost half of the tour duration, should be hand picked and carefully decided. We use many criterias for accommodation selection like our budget, meal preference, visitor age group, physical fitness, view from room, hotel or resort management team etc. Many tourists would like to have tented stay experience, some want heritage stay experience where as few want to stay at home stay to get better exposure to local culture and life thus here guest stay preference matters. 

Guides selection

Service of a guide have the potential to enhance your over all travel experience. During our tour, even though we don't hire any human guide but still we can do our tour with the help of guidance only. Now a days, internet content, books, audio recording, youtube videos, information boards etc are used as an guide but believe me despite of using all this, we are not able to get all our queries satisfied and at one point must feel the urge of human guide to whom we can ask all our questions, as per our convenience, we can counter question and have the priviledge to talk on some other topics also. Sometimes language barrier also poses challenge to see the information. Thus we hire guide services for city sightseeing, monument sightseeing, jungle safaris, natural sites etc.