Here we have shared information on popular cuisines of Madhya Pradesh. Just like diversification of cultures, we can also notice the diversification in cuisines while visiting various places in Madhya Pradesh. Variation in cuisines reflects that Madhya Pradesh is a collection of societies of different origins. Even if we go by the history of Madhya Pradesh, we will notice that today state is divided into different kingdoms and accordingly their cultures, cuisines, dressing styles, languages were different from each other. Its northern part had influence of Rajasthan where as if we move towards east, we will notice the influence of Uttar Pradesh in culture and cuisine. When we proceed to southern Madhya Pradesh, which is know for its forests and wildlife, was under influence of tribal culture. This region was controlled by Gond dynasty thus their lifestyle, dressing, rituals and cuisines were different. Despite of being tribal, they had provided some unique dishes to society about which we have not heard at all in past. During our normal visit, we may not even come to know about them but if we ask the hotel kitchen team about special local dishes, they will provide the ground level information. In Gond tribal region, we can find the influence of some dishes which can be seen in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha tribal regions thus here dishes have different derivations. Now we move to western part of Madhya Pradesh which includes places like Indore, Omkareshwar, Maheshwar, Betul, Khandwa etc. Here we will find the Maratha influence on dishes which are more spicy.


Madhya Pradesh is a mixture of different cultures, languages, believes, rituals thus difference in eating culture is obvious.

Daal Bafla Poha Malpua
Mawa Bati Jalebi Bhutte ka kees
Palak Puri Khowa Jalebi Chakki ki shak
Kodu Kutki Kheer Khasta Kachori Sabudana Khichadi

Regional distribution

If we go by the history of Madhya Pradesh, we will find the major regional sections in state like Malwa region, Bundelkhand region, Mahakaushal or Mahakoshal region. This distribution is based on cultural and geographical diversification of Central India region. Thus accordingly we will notice change in cuisines as per these regions. We can find some special dishes which are more popular in Malwa region but not so popular in Bundelkhand region. Similarly some cuisines are popular in Buldelkhand region but less offered in Mahakoshal region. 

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