Madhya Pradesh Museums

Madhya Pradesh Museums

Here we have shared a list of Madhya Pradesh museums which are managed by Archaeological Survey of India, Department of Archaeology Madhya Pradesh or other responsible authorities. These museums are located in different tourist destinations of Madhya Pradesh and are special piece of attraction among tourists visiting Central India. Here you can witness the timeline of human civilization and its chronological development. These museums are the best place to see the real hidden treasures of past human society which reflects the rulers, life style of that era. It is the visualization of what we have heard from others or read in print media.

Museums Visit

While doing sightseeing of any heritage or excavated site, we often find museum located nearby that site to preserve the historical artifacts and also allow them to be seen by visitors. Museums acts like preservatives where priceless ancient things are preserves, showcased and described. Here in Madhya Pradesh museums, we will find them open from 10:00 hrs to 17:30hrs. Within this period, we have the chance to visit them. All the government museums have entrance tickets, to be purchased from ticket counter, located near entrance gate. Usually child below 05 years is exempt from tickets. while visiting them, one should follow all the rules and regulations. Usually, photography is not allowed inside museums or if required, tourists should first take permission from care takers else avoid doing photography. In many museums, written materials are also available for visitors. They may get it free or by paying nominal fee. In order to understand the historical past of any heritage tourism site, we highly recommend to visit its museums and from here we will get the core information about that site.


Museums in Madhya Pradesh are scattered in all major tourist destinations like Jabalpur, Gwalior, Sanchi, Bhopal, Indore, Khajuraho , Chanderi etc. Most of the museums remain closed on one day of a week. Here in Madhya Pradesh, most the museums under Department of Archaeology, are remains closed on every Monday. Otherwise, museums are open for visitors from morning to evening. These museums can be visited any time of the day but time from October to May is the good time to visit Madhya Pradesh museums.

Art Culture Heritage Leisure
Offbeats Pilgrimage Wildlife
Bundela Cenotaphs Ghaus Mohammad Tomb Krishnapura Chhatris
Pratap Singh Chhatri Scindia Chhatris
Asirgarh Ater Bandhavgarh
Datia Dhar Gadpahra Fort
Garh Kundar Gulganj Gwalior Fort
Hathi Mahal Madan Mahal Maheshwar
Mandla Narsinghgarh Fort Singorgarh
ASI Museum Chanderi ASI Museum Khajuraho ASI Museum Mandu
Baghel Birla Central Museum
Chhatrasal Gujari Mahal Jai Vilas
Lalbagh Rani Durgavati Sanchi
Sarod Scindia State Museum
Tribal Museum Vidisha District
Badal Mahal Baz Bahadur Gauhar Mahal
Gujari Mahal Hardol Hindola
Jahangir Jahaz Mahal Mandu Jai Vilas
Jal Mahal Kharbuja Mahal Koshak Mahal
Lalbagh Nilkantha Rai Praveen
Raj Mahal Rajwada Sheesh Mahal
Sunder Mahal Vir Palace
Bagh Caves Bhimbetka Chambal Valley-Chaturbhuj Nala
Garhi Pachmarhi Udayagiri Caves

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