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Here we have shared the collected information of some of the popular palaces in Madhya Pradesh state. If we look at the map of Madhya Pradesh, showing the locations of various palaces in state then we will realize that majority of palaces are located on north to east of state and very few palaces are located on east to south region of state. Their is perfect reason behind this concentration of palaces and other historical buildings. As we know that northern region is called Bundelkhand region and eastern region is called Malwa region. These regions are more rocky and arid due to which building construction was easy in this region. Main raw materials are easily available in the form of red sandstone, yellow sandstone. At the same time, due to presence of Rajasthan in neighbor, skilled manpower was also easily available which resulted into construction of many architectural and sculptural marvels. One more valid reason was that India was easy target for Arab invaders due to which fortification was necessity for local kingdoms. When forts were constructed then it was obvious to create palaces withing the fort complex. Among palaces of Madhya Pradesh, we will find most of them are in plain, not within fortified townships. At the same time, some of the palaces are within fortified region, thus are more secure. All this decided by rulers as per local conditions and political stability in there region.

Badal Mahal Baz Bahadur Palace Guhar Mahal Gujari Mahal
Rajwada Hindola Mahal Datia Palace Jai Vilas Palace
Ranjit Vilas Palace Jahaz Mahal Jahangir Palace Orchha Usha Kiran Palace
Manik Bagh Taj Mahal Palace Hardol Palace Shiv Vilas Palace
Lalbagh Palace Koshak Mahal Sheesh Mahal Orchha Mansingh Palace
Kamlapati Palace Ramnagar Palace Rai Praveen Palace Mastani Mahal
Noor Us Sabah Palace Jehan Numa Palace Madan Mahal Moti Mahal Mandla
Rewa Raj Mahal Moti Mahal Bandhavgarh Raja Gokuldas Palace   

How to reach

Accessibility to these palaces varies. Some of them are within city or town where as some needs excursion visit. Here we have shared distance information as per accessibility to some of the popular palaces which tourists would like to visit. All the palaces are not for tourists thus we have covered only important of them, in our below given distance chart. This distance is as per current routes thus in future, with introduction of new road, distance information may get changed.

(in Kms)
Route Distance
Indore to Baz Bahadur Palace 90 Gwalior Airport to Gujari Mahal  
Indore to Hindola Mahal 90 Gwalior Airport to Jai Vilas Palace   
Indore to Jahaz Mahal   Gwalior Airport to Usha Kiran Palace  
    Gwalior Airport to Man Singh Palace  
    Jabalpur to Moti Mahal Bandhavgarh  
    Jabalpur to Moti Mahal Mandla  


Above given palaces are available in state but all are not for tourism. Some of them are either turned into heritage hotel, some of them are occupied by royal family members thus not open for visitors where as some of them are in ruined condition, not worth to visit. Still for knowledge of readers, we tried to showcase them.

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