Maharashtra is located on south-east of Madhya Pradesh, sharing long state boundary. This region of Madhya Pradesh is mainly know for its wildlife sector and heritage tourism sector. Famous safari destination like Pench tiger reserve is situated on this state border whose major part lies in Madhya Pradesh and remaining forest area is part of Maharashtra state. Thus tourism in Pench tiger reserve is operated from both the states.  If we go by the history of this region, this whole region was part of Central Province in which Nagpur city, at present in Maharashtra, was capital city. At the same time when we move eastern region of Madhya Pradesh, we will find that heritage and pilgrimage destinations are close the state border like Omkareshwar, Maheshwar, Mandu highlights of Madhya Pradesh tourism and world famous places like Ajanta caves, Ellora caves, Aurangabad city are most popular destinations under Maharashtra tourism. Presence of such magnificent destinations encourages people to explore both the states. Many different tour plans are possible due to presence of different category of places, close to each other. 


While undertaking the tour package of Madhya Pradesh, we can visit to some of those destinations which are close to Uttar Pradesh state border. While undertaking any such tour, we are required to see it as a Central India region, rather that restricting it as per state border. This will enhance our travel experience, knowledge and better utilization of tour expenditure. Thus here we have tried to prepare a list of those destinations which are close to the inter-state border thus they can easily be covered while coming from either of the states.

Pench National Park (Maharashtra) Tadoba National Park Nagpur City
Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary Melghat Tiger Reserve Aurangabad
Omkareshwar Maheshwar Mandu
Burhanpur Satpura National Park (Churna) Pench National Park (Madhya Pradesh)