Royal Grandeur Tour

Tour Duration:
8 Nights / 9 Days
Tour Itinerary:
Gwalior(2N) - Orchha(1N) - Bhopal(1N) - Indore(1N) - Mandu(1N) - Maheshwar(1N) - Burhanpur(1N) - Indore
Tour Theme:
Given tour package is focused in heritage tourist destinations having forts, palaces, museums of Mughals, Scindia, Holkars with scenic nature.

DAY-1 : Arrival - Gwalior

Our tour begins with arrival in Gwalior. It is one of the city for heritage tourism. Lot of historical monuments are scattered over the city.

DAY-2 : Gwalior

In this day we will continue to explore places to visit in Gwalior like Gwalior fort, Jai Vilas museum, Gujari Mahal, Tansen Tomb etc.
Overnight at hotel in GWalior.

DAY-3 : Gwalior - Orchha (150 kms)

After breakfast, drive from Gwalior to Orchha which lies in 150 kms south-east of Gwalior city. It is a small but beautiful historic township on the bank of Betwa river. It was founded by Bundela rulers who ruled over Bundelkhand region for many years. Here we will explore places to visit on Orchha which includes Orchha fort, Jahangir palace, Cenotaphs, Ram Raja Temple etc. We will complete our sightseeing on this day itself.
Overnight at hotel in Orchha.

DAY-4 : Orchha - Bhopal

After breakfast, drive early for Bhopal which lies in south-west of Orchha town. In while driving towards, Bhopal city, we will do enroute visit to Sanchi stupas. It is UNESCO world heritage site and also a popular Buddhist pilgrimage site. It is just 55 kms before Bhopal. Visiting Sanchi will enable us to utilize the day in productive way and have more time for sightseeing on next day.
Overnight at hotel in Bhopal.

DAY-5 : Bhopal - Indore

In this day, we will visit to Bhojpur temple and Bhimbetka rock shelters. Both the places are popular attractions of Bhopal excursion tours. In evening hours, we will drive to Indore. This will reduce our next day traveling and allows more time for sightseeing.
Overnight at hotel in Indore.

DAY-6 : Indore - Mandu (90 kms)

After breakfast, we will drive to Mandu. In this day we will explore places to visit in Mandu. Some of the popular tourist attractions are Baz Bahadur Palace, Jahaz Mahal, Museum, Hoshang Shah Tomb, Baobab trees, Roopmati Pavilion, Hindola mahal etc.
Overnight at hotel in Mandu.

DAY-7 : Mandu - Maheshwar

After breakfast, drive to Maheshwar. It is a beautiful Hindu pilgrimage township, on the bank of Narmada river. In this day we will complete our Maheshwar sightseeing. Here we will visit to Maheshwar ghat area to visit Maheshwar fort, Akhileshwar temple, Ahilya Chatri and do sunset photography. Sometime, this ghat is also referred as Varanasi to Madhya Pradesh. Maheshwar was one time power center of Malwa region. Holkars made this place as their capital and ruled from this place.
Overnight at hotel in Maheshwar.

DAY-8 : Maheshwar - Burhanpur

Wake-up early in the morning and once again rush to ghat area to witness scenic morning sunrise. Later drive to Burhanpur. It is another heritage tourism city, gain prominence during Mughal period. Burhanpur lies in south-east of Maheshwar. Here we can visit to Mughal era monuments. It the place where Mumtaz Mahal died and first buried.
Overnight at hotel in Burhanpur.

DAY-9 : Burhanpur - Indore

As per time in hand, explore some for Burhanpur tourist attractions and later drive to Indore for departure.