Tiger Photography Tour

Tour Duration:
7 Nights / 8 Days
Tour Itinerary:
Katni - Bandhavgarh (2N) - Kanha national park (2N)- Pench national park (2N)- Jabalpur/Nagpur
Tour Theme:
Offers great opportunity for tiger & wildlife photography. It covers most popular tiger reserves of India.

DAY-1 : Arrival- Jabalpur - Bandhavgarh

Our tour starts from reaching Jabalpur airport or railway station which 180kms/03:30hrs close to Bandhavgarh national park. Majority of tourists are using this arrival point. On reaching Bandhavgarh, relax at your resort. If arrival will be in early morning, we have chance to attend evening jungle safari. Overnight at resort in Bandhavgarh.

DAY-2 : Bandhavgarh

Do morning & evening jungle safari in Bandhavgarh. It has high tiger density so chances are better to photograph variety of tigers in wilderness. Bandhavgarh has hilly and rocky terrains, offers some chances to capture images like tiger sitting on rock, above your height, near their den etc. Here meadows are small and network of jungle tracks is good so chances are better to follow the tiger movement and probability to catch images like crossing roads etc. So here photography will be better than video shooting. In evening relax at your resort and exchange your views while sitting around bon-fire. Overnight at resort in Bandhavgarh.

DAY-3 : Bandhavgarh - Kanha national park

Attend morning safari as last one in Bandhavgarh. Here, apart from tiger photography, you can also find marks of ancient human activities like statues, caves, rocky-images of god & goddesses, temples etc. It is the best place to witness the conquer of nature on human civilization which is rarely seen. You can find images where temples embraced by trees, caves used by human beings but now shelter to tiger that gives some positive indication for Indian wildlife. After morning safari drive, have lunch and later drive to Kanha national park. By evening, we can expect to reach Kanha. Overnight at resort in Kanha national park.

DAY-4 :

Attend morning & evening safari drives of Kanha national park. Here jungle and landscapes is more photogenic than Bandhavgarh. Meadows are more and comparatively large. Similarly you have chance to see large herds of spotted deers grazing on meadows with some rare golden-yellow coloured Barasingha. This is the major highlight of this tiger reserve. Kanha park feel proud on its successful reviving the population of Hard-ground Barasingha which was close to extinction in early seventies. Kanha offers better chance for wildlife photography than tiger photography. Here commonly seen mammals variety is more than Bandhavgarh. Animals like Indian Gaur, Wild Dogs, Barasingha, Sloth Bear, Sambar, Wild Boar can be seen & photographed easily. Here you have chance for long duration duration photography, video shooting etc. Images like tiger in water, walking on track, tigers playing etc. can be captured here.

DAY-5 :

Do morning & evening safari. This will be our last day at Kanha national park.
Overnight at resort in Kanha national park.

DAY-6 :

After breakfast, drive to Pench national park (190kms/04:00hrs). Attend evening safari. Pench national park is located on Satpura hills. Its name is derived from Pench river which is life line of this forest.
Overnight at resort in Pench national park. British India officer John Moore first visited this forest and realizes its importance. He was here in search of real-life character from which Jungle Book's hero Mogli is derived.
Overnight at resort in Pench national park.

DAY-7 :

Do morning & evening tiger safari. Rudyard Kipling's classic "The Jungle Book" is based on this forest. Here you can realize the scenes of Jungle Book and its here Mogli. Pench national park has highest density of herbivores animals like Sambar, Spotted Deer, Blue Bull, Wild Boar, Indian Gaur etc. This is rocky forest areas, with less meadows and more rock terrains. You can find plain area close to Pench river. Similarly presence of bushes is negligible which is good from photographic point of view. It offers good visibility. Other animals that can be seen here are Tiger, Leopard, Wold, Jackal, Sloth Bear etc. Birding at Pench is also good. You can find birds like Spotted Dove, Common Teal, Shikra, Lapwings, Common Kingfisher, Indian Roller, Pied Cuckoo, Asian Koel, Racket Tailed Drongo, Green Bee-eater, Bran Owl, Rose-ringed Parakeet etc. Here frequency of mammals & birds sighting is great. You can find animals spread evenly through out the jungle.
Overnight at resort in Pench national park.

DAY-8 :

In this day, we will drive to Jabalpur for departure. As per time in hand, we can opt to visit famous marble rocks of Bhedaghat, just 25kms from Jabalpur city. It is a world famous site where you can do boating on Narmada river, passes through marble rocks. Later drop to Jabalpur railway station/airport.