Chitrakoot is a holy township, located in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh. It is located in north-east region of Madhya Pradesh state which shares its boundary with Uttar Pradesh state. It is sacred place for Hindu region followers as during exile, Lord Rama, along with wife Sita and brother Laxman, spend considerable in Chitrakoot forest area due to which this place became a sacred place for Hindus and devotees visit this place, throughout the year. During that time, Chitrakoot forest is known for presence of many great Hindu saints like Rishi Atri, Sati Ansuya, Maharishi Markandeya, Dattatreya etc. It is spread over the hill so of Vindhya ranges. Historical Mandakini river flows through Chitrakoot whose reference comes in Hindu epic "Ramayana". Throughout the year, we can find even number of devotees, visiting this holy place. During Diwali festival i.e October - November month, here huge crowd of devotees gathers and celebrate the festival. It is the peak season of Chitrakoot.




Reaching by Flight :
The nearest airport to Chitrakoot is at Khajuraho, which is 190km away from Chitrakoot. It is well connected with Delhi & Varanasi. Other options are Varanasi Airport at a distance of 270kms, Jabalpur Airport at a distance of 300 kms. We offers airport taxi services for traveling from Khajuraho airport to Chitrakoot, Varanasi airport to Chitrakoot and Jabalpur airport to Chitrakoot.
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Allahabad 150
Bandhavgarh 240
Maihar 140
Varanasi 270

Reaching by Train

Chitrakoot can be easily reached by train option. It is well connected by trains coming from may important cities and tourist destinations. Most of the devotees reaching Chitrakoot, are coming by train option. Its nearest railway station in Karvi which is just 12kms from Chitrakoot and well connected by local transport services. Karvi railway station is well linked with important cities like Delhi, Agra, Allahabad, Varanasi etc.

Reaching by road:
Chitrakoot is well connected by road. You can travel by bus, taxi or own transport arrangement. It is accessible throughout the year by road option. From Chitrakoot bus stand, you can have bus services for towns like Allahabad, Satna, Panna, Banda etc.



Chitrakoot is a sacred site. Whole area is a pilgrimage destination for Hindus as their Lord Rama, along with wife Sita and brother Laxmana, spend more than 11 years in this place. During that time, it was a dense forest area where Hindu saints comes for meditation and spiritual practices. River Mandakini passes through this region and was main source of water to local residents. Tourists attractions of Chitrakoot includes where incidents, mentioned in Hindu Epic Ramayana, took place. These places are scattered over large area. Some of the important tourist spots and their short description is given below:


Janki Kund:  It is the place on the bank of Mandakini river, where Sita use to take bath, during their stay in Chitrakoot. During that time, rivers water was crystal clear and suitable to take bath.

Kamadgiri :  It is believed to be the actual Chitrakoot with religious significance. The word "Kamadgiri" literally is a name of mountain and its simple meaning is one who fulfills all wishes. It is a forested hill with chain of temples in its base. It is believed that Lord Rama, Sita and Laxman lives in this particular area, during their exile. Devotees take one 5kms round of this hill as a way to do worship. Lord Ram is also known by another name of Kamadnathji. Its circumference is of 5kms which was developed by initiative of Bundela queen in year 1725.

Ramghat:  It is famous attraction of Chitrakoot sightseeing. It is located on the bank of Mandakini river. It is the place where Lord Ram use to take bath. Now a days, devotees use to visit this place for peace and meditation practice. It is a scared spot where evening arti is performed which is offers a photogenic seen.

Bharat Milap Temple:  It is a place where Lord Ram met his younger brother Bharat, during their exile. It is located in Chitrakoot. Now a days, a temple is existing here called Bharat Milap temple. In Hindu epic Ramayana, Bharat Milap incident is described in detail which reveals the logic and arguments taken place in between Bharat and Ram.

Sati Anusuya Ashram:  It is located 16kms from Chitrakoot main city. This place is still forested and away from disturbance. It is believed that Sati Anusuya lives here with his husband Saint Atri and sons Dattatreya, Durvasa & Chandraatri. It is the southern periphery of Chitrakoot. During their stay in Chitrakuta, Lord Rama and Sita visited the ashram to meet Rishi Atri and Mother Anusuya.

Gupt Godavari:  It is about 19kms from Chitrakoot town. It is a narrow cave on hill form which natural water is coming out which is given name as Gupt Godavari. Close to this cave, their is one more cave which is comparatively more wide from which human being, one at a time, can pass through. Inside that cave, two natural rock structures are present which resembles as for throne arrangement. It is said that here Lord Rama and Laxmana use to come and had court at this place.

Hanuman Dhara :  It is a spring, located at steep hill side, on a rocky face. It is said that spring was created by Lord Rama for Hanuman, when he returned back from Lanka, after setting it afire. Hanuman Dhara is approx. 4kms from Chitrakoot town and 3kms from Ramghat. Being located at considerable height on steep hill, it offers panoramic view of Chitrakoot.

Sita Rasoi :  It is located at top of hill, close to Hanuman Dhara. It is believed to be the place where Mata Sita has made her kitchen and use to prepare meal for Lord Rama & Laxmana. It is approx. 4kms from Chitrakoot.

Sphatic Shila :  It is a rock structure which bears the footmarks of human being and it is believed that these footmarks belongs to lord Rama. It is close to Janki Kund and nearby Mandakini river bank. Ram & Sita use to sit here to commemorate the beauty of Chitrakoot.



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Climatic condition of Chitrakoot is good. It is a holy place with forested area and some villages. Here Winter season prevails from December to February month. During this time average temperature reaches 10°C. Summer season comes from March to June month. May-June months are peak summer time when temperature reached 40 to 45°C. Monsoon usually reaches in second week of July month and lasts till October month.




Chitrakoot is open for tourists in all season. It is pilgrimage destination so visitors can visit it in any of the time in a year. Still tourists prefers to visit in festival seasons like Diwali, Dussehra, Holi etc. During this time, large number of devotees gathers in Chitrakoot and perform religious rituals. In Diwali festival day, devoteed do deep-daan pooja which is a important activity of festival day. So months of October -November are considered as the best time to visit Chitrakoot. During this time, it remains very crowdy and required advance train/flight booking to visit this place. Here hotel options are limited to in peak season, advance bookings are highly recommended.




For accommodation, here Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department and Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department have their own hotels at different locations. Both offers best accommodation facility. In addition to this, some budget hotels are also present for accommodation purpose. Here Luxury hotels are not present.




After visiting Chitrakoot, tourists have option to visit Allahabad, Varanasi, Khajuraho temples, Bandhavgarh, Panna national park etc. Chitrakoot is surrounded by many tourist destinations for different type of tourism like wildlife tourism, heritage tourism, pilgrimage etc.


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