A hill resort on the northern slopes of the Satpura Range, Pachmarhi the only Hill station of Madhya Pradesh (state of central India), stands at an altitude of 1100 mtr. Pachmarhi was discovered by Captain Forsyth in 1857, & it really offers tranquility. Its Bridle paths lead into tranquil forests of wild bamboo, Sal, Jamun, amla & gular trees, interspersed with deep pools fed by the streams that run across the red sand stone hills, add to the natural palette. The town of Pachmarhi is also known as Pachmarhi Cantonment. Cantonment were started by the east India company, a corporate body that owned all the territories taken over by British traders, from the old Mughal Empire & the princely states & marked by an air of good order & discipline.


The vicinity was commenced to western world by James Forsyth captain of the British Army in 1857. The population in 1901 was 3020, growing to double that number in very few years. In the months of hot summer Pachmarhi moreover served as the summer capital for the Central Provinces. Pachmarhi turned into a hill station and sanatorium for British troops in the Central Provinces of India. The forest around the township is habitat to many rare varieties of plants. In May 2009 UNESCO added Pachmarhi Park to its list of Biosphere Reserves.



Pachmarhi is a popular hill station in Central India. It is the only hill station destination in Madhya Pradesh state due to which it is a hot tourism destination of Central Indian. Tourists especially from East India, Central India, West India prefers to visit Pachmarhi. It is a active destination where tourism continues through out the year. Pachmarhi is located in Satpura Hills which is a ancient mountain range and known for its dense forests with rich wildlife treasure. Area of Pachmarhi lies in Satpura national park area due to which here forest and wildlife can be enjoyed with low public disturbance. It is a small town with no scope for further expansion where majority of area is Army cantonment. Pachmarhi has large number of tourist spots for visiting which usually take 2 to 3 day including caves, rock paintings, water falls, small-lake, valleys, narrow gorges, mountain peaks and ancient temples. Majority of spots are natural tourist spots. It is believed that Pachmarhi is still not fully explored and have great potential for nature and adventure tourism.



Pachmarhi is a hill station with majority of natural tourist spots which includes water falls, temples, rocks, caves, gorges, valley, rock shelters etc. Here we are listing some of the prominent tourist attractions of Pachmarhi.
Rajat Prapat: Also known as Big Fall, Rajat Prapat is a gigantic waterfall located at Pachmarhi in the Hoshangabad District of Madhya Pradesh. With a elevation of about 350 ft, it is almost half a km towards the east of Apsara Vihar. Pearl drops provoked from water fall emerge like shining pearls floating in the air. It happens to be more beautiful in rainy season.
Pandav Caves: 1 km away of Jai Stambha, the popular myth & belief associated these five ancient dwellings with agyatavasa of Pandavas of epic. Mahabharat fame Pachmarhi derives its name from these caves which have been hewn in a small hill known as Pandava Gufa. These caves are now protected monuments.
Apsara Vihar: The water falls constantly upon a small kund crafts a magic. Apsara vihar is a bathing pool; here guests can’t oppose them to get away from bathing in this kund.
Bee Fall or Jamuna Prapat: This is among the most photographed sight of Pachmarhi Water foams & roars, frothing & spuming from a moderate height of a shade over 35 mtr. The loftiness of this waterfall is about 150 feet. It is also known as Jamuna Prapat It pretend a Milky Way when water flow. It is one of the most fabulous water falls of Pachmarhi. Visitor cannot resist the excitement of the taking a bath in the Bee Fall. To visit Bee Fall, gypsy is required to get closer to it. As one has to go down to see the fall, one should have good physical fitness as it is a tiresome task for old age tourists.
Jata Shankar: Jata Shankar is a natural cave at a distance of 2 km from Pachmarhi in Hoshangabad District. It is one of the beautiful pilgrim spot in the Pachmarhi hill resort. These caves resembles the tangled curls of Lord Shiva and hence got the name from him. The rocks also have the figure of the top of a giant snake. It is believed that Lord Shiva had come to this place to save himself from the demon named Bhasmasura. So the place is Blessed with enchanting natural beauty. There is water breach from the cave that nobody knows from where this water comes, it is popularly known as “Gupt Ganga”. Enormous number of visitors comes here every year.
Priyadarshini: This is the location of Pachmarhi that attracted the captain Forsyth in 1857. It is also called as Forsyth Point. When Smt. Indira Gandhi visited here in 1964, this got named as Priyadarshini Point. The view gives a breath taking sight of scenery of Pachmarhi.
Handi Khoh: This is a deep, forested gorge almost a hundred meters to the bottom . two reasons are given for its name: one that it was here that a British officer named Handi committed suicide; & the second, that it is shaped like a deep cooking vessel or handi. The second explanation seems more plausible.
Jheel or Lake: The lake is popular with holiday makers because it offers Pedal Boats on hire. This is a cool way to exercise, out on the water, though it can be quite tiring if the leg & stomach muscles are a bit flabby. The lake is absolutely for the awesome for the boating & enjoying.
Bison Lodge: Bison lodge is one of the oldest building & attraction in town. In 1862, the forest department of the Central Provinces, was started in a building known as Bison Lodge. The department was founded in 1861 by Captains G.F.Pearson & James Forsyth. the original building had to be demolished & the present building, also called Bison Lodge, was constructed on the site of the earlier one.
Reech garh: This bears abode, which is what Reechgarh means, has not been home to bears in living memory it in, in fact a high cavern open at both ends. To enter it from one side visitors have to scramble over a tumble of boulders. The other end opens into a narrow canyon, scarred & striated by he action of ancient streams that must have gushed through the Reech garh at great speed.
Dhoopgarh: It is the highest peak of Satpura ranges at the altitude of 1352 meter. This is the place from where one can watch beautiful views, depth of nature, greenery of dense forests, serpentine jungle paths. Dhoopgarh is a very popular spot for viewing the Sunset & Sunrise and is located at a distance of 10kms from Pachmarhi town. During Pachmarhi sightseeing, tourists use to visit in evening hours to witness the view of Satpura hills with sunset. Here small museum is also located for tourists.
Ramya Kund or Irene Pool: The path down to the pool is meekly challenging but it leads to what must be the most captivating place in Pachmarhi. At the bottom of 177 steps, counting a few wide & shallow ones, there is a wooded gorge that has a tiny stream flowing down to the pool. The cliff’s rising all around, are towering parts of them forested. They open far above to admit a gleam of sunlight to illuminate the pool.
Rajendra Giri: Located at the far end of a pleasant garden, the view is not spectacular but it does give a panorama of gently rolling forested hills. Its major advantage is that it is seldom crowded & so is a good place in which to unwind after a strenuous day of sightseeing.



Pachmarhi is a popular tourist destination located at center of Madhya Pradesh state in Mahadeo Hills of Satpura range. It can be reached by road, train or flight. Although you are coming by train or flight but last part of journey is done by taxi or bus. Here we are providing you information regarding how to reach Pachmarhi by various modes of transport.
By Air: Pachmarhi is about 260kms from Jabalpur city and 230kms from Bhopal city. Both the cities have their own airports. Jabalpur airport is having flight connectivity with Delhi, Mumbai, Indore where as Bhopal airport have direct flight connectivity with Delhi, Ahmedabad, Indore, Raipur, Hyderabad. Third options is Nagpur airport which is about 285kms from Pachmarhi and has more better connectivity with cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Indore, Kolkata, Sharjah airports.
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Pipariya 50
Jabalpur 250
Bhopal 220
Nagpur 285
Indore 410
Kanha National Park 360

By Train: Nearest railway station for Pachmarhi is Pipariya railway station (Railway station code: PPI), located at a distance of 50kms/01:30hrs. Pipariya station have direct train connectivity with important cites and tourist destinations like Jabalpur, Bhopal, Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi, Howrah (Kolkata), Agra, Gwalior, Ahmedabad, Nagpur etc. If you don't find direct train to Pipariya station, then second option is to reach Itarsi railway station at a distance of 150kms from Pachmarhi which is a important railway junction.
By Road: Pachmarhi is well connected by road. Although you are coming by flight or train but last journey will be done by road. Being Army cantonment is located here, road condition remain good and maintained. It is open for visitors throughout the year. You can easily reach Pachmarhi by road from nearby cities like Bhopal, Jabalpur, Nagpur, Indore, Kanha national park, Pench national park etc.
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Weather Today in Pachmarhi
As Pachmarhi hill station in located in hills, above plains so its climate remain slightly cool in comparison to plain areas. Here Winter prevails from November to February, Summers from April to July and Rainy season comes during July to October. In summers temperature touches 40°'C in day time but still morning & evening remain good. In monsoon season, you can feel cool and foggy at heights that will reminds you to North Indian hill stations. In winter season, temperature touches 0°'C in nights.
This hill station is open for visitors, throughout the year. According to their convenience, festivals and holidays, tourists remain present in Pachmarhi in all seasons. Being a hill station, best time to visit Pachmarhi is from October to April. In this time climate remains good and presence of greenery, make this destination more photogenic. During Diwali and New year time, it is more tourist crowd is at its peak and tourists often face shortage of accommodation facilities.


It is a small town in Satpura National Park. Here Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation has nine hotels in which some of them are of heritage category. All these hotels are located at peaceful locations with open garden and developed in Bungalow style so they are the best options for accommodation and should be selected in priority. Their are many private hotels are also in town area at low cost. Here hotel rates varies from season to season and their is also scope for bargaining in private hotels. Mostly private hotels are located in congested area with no open gardens. City has limitation in expansion as it is in forest area. Their are very limited luxury hotels in Pachmarhi and none of them are of 5-star category.
After visiting Pachmarhi, you can visit adjoining Satpura national park, Kanha national park (360kms), Pench National Park (250kms), Bhopal city (220kms), Sanchi Stupas (260kms), Bhimbetka rock shelters, Bhedaghat (240kms) in Jabalpur city.
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