Bhedaghat is a historical marble rock boating site, about 25 kms from Jabalpur city. It is a semi-urban village in Jabalpur district at Madhya Pradesh State in Central India. Here holy Narmada river passes through marble rocks which offers chance to enjoy boat ride through scenic marble rocks valley, on both the sides. Here we can find different colored rocky structures, emerging from river. Bhedaghat tourism comprises mainly 3 spots i.e. Dhuandhar waterfall, Chousat Yogini Temple and Panchwati ghat. They all are within radius of 3kms and can easily be visited by tourists. Whole are is part of ancient Narmada river valley which is rich in fossils. Their are number of ghats in this region known for fossils, sati-platforms, ancient temples, Buddhist monument. We offer guided tour for Jabalpur city and specifically for Bhedaghat region also. We offer english speaking Jabalpur guide to show you unseen locations with information comprising interesting history of the region. If you are on just half-day visit then hire our Bhedaghat guide service  in which we will take you to the historical places in and around Bhedaghat. This will be very interesting visit with amazing historical facts of this region.

Bhedaghat in Jabalpur


When we talk about history of Jabalpur city, we will be informed that its old name was Tripuri town. Actually Jabalpur was developed in 3 main phases whose marks are now left in the form of old temples, statues only. In first phase it was Tripuri town in 10th century. This township was close to Bhedaghat. It was rule of Kalchuri rulers and Chousat Yogini temple was of same period. Bhedaghat was emerged during that period as popular pilgrimage site as it is on confluence of two rivers i.e. Narmada and Karan Bel which is usually not visible to visitors, now a days. We offer guided tour to tourists explore ancient places from Bhedaghat to Lamhetaghat region


Their are 3 important tourist attractions in Bhedaghat: Panchwati ghat, Dhuandhar waterfall & Chousat Yogini Temple. They all are spread in a stretch of approx 3 kms and can be visited in a single trip. Bhedaghat is the site from where we can do the boat ride in Narmada river and can see the natural marble rocks and do its photography. Dhuandhar is a small water fall where river water cascades down and generates water-fog. It is a photogenic point. Third important place to visit is Chousat Yogini temple, located in hill-top where we can see significantly carved Yogini statues of 10th century. Apart from these destinations, we have option to explore the historical surrounding villages with some interesting historical facts. We recommend guide service to understand the rich historical background of this place. Without guide service, you can access to only 50% of the information and thus it will remain incomplete trip.


Bhedaghat is a must see tourist attraction in Jabalpur sightseeing. It is about 25kms from Jabalpur city but very well connected by city bus service and other means of transport. It is a small village, located on the bank of Narmada river. Here tourists have many activities to do like doing boat-ride amidst of natural marble rocks, doing photography, rope-way ride, ancient temples visit, scenic view of water fall and doing shopping. It is open for visitors in all season but boating remain closed in monsoon season i.e. from July to September. Here ancient temple is also located at hill-top called "Chousat Yogini Temple" which part of series of Yogini Temples in India. It is of 10th & 11th century time when Kalchuri rulers were ruling this region. Bhedaghat is a part of Narmada River Valley which is having very old rocks of pre-historic time. On excavation, fossils were found in this region. River Narmada is much older than river Ganges and Himalayan ranges which enhances its importance.


It is popular as a venue for Narmada Mahotsava organized on full-moon night in Sharad Purnima festival. In this event, celebrities were invited from different fields. Here lighting and musical programs are organized in Bhedaghat, on the bank of Narmada river. Sharad Purnima occurs during full moon night thus in this date, night boating is offered to visitors which is most unique activity for tourists.


By Air:

Bhedaghat is just 25kms from Jabalpur city center. It can be reached by surface travel from Jabalpur and can be visited any time. In rainy season, boating remain closed for approx. 04 months. Usually closed period is from 16June to 15October but local governing body retains the right to change the dates as per climatic condition. In this period, we can visit the site, do temples visit and may enjoy ropeway ride.
(in Kms)
Jabalpur 25
Pachmarhi 235
Bandhavgarh 220
Kanha National Park 190
Bargi Dam 60
Satpura National Park 235
Panna National Park 265
Amarkantak 270

By Train:

Bhedaghat is having its own railway station in name of "Bhedaghat". It is a small station due to which all major trains use to skip this station and take stop at Jabalpur railway station (25kms). Thus for tourists, Jabalpur railway station is the best option to reach and visit this place. Traveling from Jabalpur railway station to Bhedaghat is possible by local city bus and taxi cabs.

By Road:

Bhedaghat is approx. 25kms from Jabalpur city and well connected by road, from this city. Thus Jabalpur is the best place to reach first for visiting Bhedaghat. Its road connectivity is good. One can easily travel by road from near by tourist destinations like Bandhavgarh national park, Kanha national park, Pachmarhi, Panna national park etc.


Here in Bhedaghat, we can experience all 3 climatic conditions i.e. winters, summer and monsoon season. From November to February months, we can experience winter period when temperature ranges from 5°C to 16°C. Most of the tourists prefers to visit in this period. After this summer season prevails from March to July month when day temperature rises to 43°C with heat waves. It is the tough time for visitors. Here monsoon season prevails from mid of July to October month. In case of heavy rainfall, Bhedaghat remains closed for visitors are river overflows. In winter period, boating remains closed for all kind of visitors. It is the time when least number of tourists visit this place.


Bhedaghat can be visited throughout the year. Here boating and rope-way rides are popular activity to do. Boating remains closed in monsoon season i.e. from July to September in which tourist arrival is least. Thus monsoon season could be avoided. Here best time to visit Bhedaghat is from November to April. Majority of tourist explores Bhedaghat and its adjoining villages, in this period.


When we talk about hotels in Bhedaghat, we may find few hotels list in result of search at any internet based search engine like Practically, here we can find only single meaningful place to stay. This hotel is of MPSTDC i.e. MPT Marble Rocks. It is the only good hotel option at Bhedaghat with rooms offering river view, marble rocks view, peaceful location and great hospitality. Being belonging to tourism department, here we can expect high standard of service. Still it is not a luxury hotel option. For luxury option, choose hotels in Jabalpur city. Other private accommodation options are Bhedaghat are in very cheap category with below average hospitality service.


If you have completed the visit to Bhedaghat then you have two types of option. Either to explore tourist attractions of Jabalpur city or visit to destinations, surrounding to Jabalpur like Kanha national park, Pachmarhi hill station, Bandhavgarh national park, Pench national park, Satpura national park, Nauradehi wildlife sanctuary, Khajuraho etc.

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